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Jimmy Page - Zoso (Gold)

18Kt Gold Pendant
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Zoso - Ciondolo (Oro) - Zoso - Pendant (Gold)
Zoso - Ciondolo (Oro) - Zoso - Pendant (Gold)
Zoso - Ciondolo (Oro) - Zoso - Pendant (Gold)
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190,00 €
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Gold Pendant with Led Zeppelin's "Zoso" logo

Zoso is one of four symbols that are on the cover of Led Zeppelin's fourth album.All the first four Led Zeppelin albums are untitled, so to indicate the first three numbers is used, while the fourth is used the number 4 or the word Zoso, derived from the only symbol of the four present who has a similar alphabetic.
Each group member chose a symbol that would represent their personality. They are all esoteric astrological symbols, themes of which were Led Zeppelin fans.The Zoso symbol is the one chosen by guitarist Jimmy Page, the most passionate in the occult group. The symbols in visible form on the cover was designed by the same page. The source from which he drew inspiration is well known, but the meaning of the symbol for the musician is still a mystery, since he has never revealed. Its origins lie in '"Arteficii Ars Magica," a book written in 1557 by the alchemist Gerolamo Cardano, where it is identified as a sigil consisting of zodiac signs. The seal is reproduced in "Dictionary of Occult Seals, Hermetic and Alchemical" by Fred Gettings, published in 1982. The zodiac sign of Capricorn is the Page, a sign under the influence of Saturn, and a symbol resembling a Z is commonly used in astrology to denote Saturn. The rest is similar to dare alchemical symbol of mercury, the latter also associated with Saturn. In cabalistic or hermetic study, knowledge of the researchers call the god Mercury (Greek Hermes, and from which Hermes Trismegistus hermetic) as a guide and source of light (note the similarity with Lucifer, from lux ferre, then "bearer" of " light, "light as a symbol of knowledge, a theme repeated a myriad of times, for example, in John Milton's Paradise Lost), more or less as in the plan that is within Milliman of the album cover of Led Zeppelin and later represented Page by the same in the concert film The Song Remains The Same. This part of the symbol then it is very similar to the symbol used to indicate precisely Lucifer in "The Equinox" by Aleister Crowley, and the entire symbol resembles in some characters' "Alphabet of the Magi", a seventeenth century text used for magical talismans and fashionable. As mentioned, you do not know what it means personally for Page, but his interest in Crowley, like other rock stars (the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, ...), it is well known. The guitarist owns many original manuscripts and other personal effects, including (until the mid-eighties) the house previously belonged to Crowley in Loch Ness, Boleskine House. Moreover, in the seventies, owned a bookstore Page esoteric, The Equinox in London, used to publish rare manuscripts.

Type :
Gold Pendant
Made of :
18Kt Gold
Size :
28mm x 22mm
Each item is shipped with a quality assurance certificate

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