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The Gnome Quiz

Would you be able to recognize my presence or that of any other Gnome like me? 
In the summer, many people travel and merrily go around the world to ravage the most diverse natural environments, close contacts with the gnomes and other representatives of the little people is becoming more frequent, but we are not aware of it. With this short test, we rate your ability to recognize a gnome or any signs of his presence. At the end of the test please verify your ability to recognize a gnome through the results page.

1 While you're in the thick forest in the mountains, you come across a little man a foot high with a pointed red hat and a long beard that tells you something in an incomprehensible language:

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2 You are on a nudist beach where no one wears anything, but a foot tall small man with a long beard wearing a pointed red hat on his head:

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3 While you’re putting up the tent at night with the radio on at full volume, a man of a six feet tall, with a silly looking attitude, completely naked and smelly approaches you; he is swinging a heavy stone axe mumbling incomprehensible guttural language:

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4 You are digging a trap for bears in the National Park when a green-dressed little man with a gun approaches you with a smile:

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...the gnome verdict:

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