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My name is Gnome Claudio, and I am about 400 years old (sorry if I’m not so precise, but when there are too many years, I lose count!?).

My shop was founded in 1985, after a long journey I ended with the knowledge of the Goddess Isis, a journey that has allowed me to mature a wide experience in the jewellery craft industry. In my shop I also perform all types of repairs, including those that other goldsmiths refuse to do.

I am renown to carry out works on commission (click here for some examples).

I can transform objects purchased from a flea market into precious little jewels.

I can carry out works from a drawing, reproducing it from the original. In my glass window shop, you can find very special and rare gold items such as; objects in silver, frames, keyrings, boxes and pictures. I can guide you in the realm of fantasy introducing you to: the people of the forest, the world of Kfoorp, the lucky charm friars, gnomes, elves, Lilliput -Lane, musical boxes and chess boards.

After wandering the world, I have permanently settled in Liguria, in the middle of a forest, an area that still allows me to live like a gnome should live: a medieval village is situated in the province of Imperia, and exactly near the town of Dolceacqua. It's a place that still holds beautiful landscapes. If you want, judge for yourself!

If you wish to meet me by person, you will have difficulties because, like all Gnomes, I am shy and reserved and tend to avoid humans!

If you want to know what other people think and say about me and my work, read here!

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