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925‰ Sterling Silver Pendant
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Anubi (Argento) - Anubi (Silver)
Anubi (Argento) - Anubi (Silver)
Anubi (Argento) - Anubi (Silver)
Anubi (Argento) - Anubi (Silver)
Anubi (Argento) - Anubi (Silver)
Anubi (Argento) - Anubi (Silver)
Anubi (Argento) - Anubi (Silver)
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57,00 €
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Pendant with Anubi
egyptian canine god of the death

Anubis, was called the fourth son of Ra generated with the goddess Hesat, from the head of cow.
indicated in the ancient hieroglyphics, as "Young Dog", is also called Imy-ut: the embalmer.
For the Egyptian civilization was the first deity of the afterlife, to which was added Osiri.

Protector of the Necropolis, had the task of accompanying the Ba (Soul of the Dead) beyond the gates of Duat, in the world of the afterlife. Illuminating the path with the moon that he held in his palm, he led the soul of the deceased in the hall of the two truths, before the Tribunal of the gods. Here, along with the Thot scribe, he weighed his heart.

The most frequent representation of Anubis is in the form of a dog or a black jackal with a long tail and large ears erect, as a sign of careful vigilance, crouching on a tomb reminiscent of a mastaba, or on a naos. He carries a red band around his neck and a scourge nekhakha between one of the hind legs.
Sometimes it supports the scepter-sekhem between the front legs, or it can be together with a lion.
Another of the most frequent representations of Anubis is in human form, with the dog's head, while supporting the cross-ankh, symbol of immortality, in one hand and the Scepter-UAS, in order to revive life, in the other.

Type :
Sterling Silver Pendant
Made of :
925‰ Sterling Silver
Size :
39mm x 14mm
Each item is shipped with a quality assurance certificate

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Monday, 25 April 2022
Ciondolo bellissimo, peccato per il cordino che si è rotto dopo poche ore. Essendo però il prodotto “importante” Anubi, sono molito soddisfatto
EmaFerrari Genova (Italia)
Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Prodotto ottimo,dettagli perfetti,bellissimo...spedizione velocissima
Roy Varese (Italia)
Thursday, 13 April 2017
Alles bestens, Artikel wie beschrieben und gut, schnell verschickt, 5 Sterne.
Mario Germany
Tuesday, 07 February 2017
Hi, I received it. It is beautiful! Thanks so much for the great work and service!
Pandya Pennsylvania (USA)
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